Putting the power of DEI back in your hands.

Collective+ is a membership network designed to empower internal DEI changemakers with the community, resources, and tools they need to drive equitable, inclusive workplaces on a budget.

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Watch to learn more about Collective+ from our founder & CEO Kellie Wagner.


We've been doing DEI for a while now and one thing remains consistent. The folks tasked with moving internal DEI work forward are consistently under-resourced, overworked, and often doing this work in silos. Enter Collective+, a new online solution designed to help DEI champions accelerate their efforts, mitigate burnout, and build community of values-aligned folks championing DEI work at companies everywhere.

“Collective has a unique ability to make everyone feel comfortable with a subject that can often trigger a sense of discomfort.”
-Brandon Bitterman, VP at Zog Sports

You're under-resourced and overworked;
there are never enough hands to get it all done

You're often asked to be "the expert," but half the time you feel like you're winging it

You're a leader who cares about DEI, but it often feels isolating and you're not sure if you're doing it right

You want to stop reinventing the wheel and learn what's worked for other teams like yours

You're a team of one, working in a silo that leaves you feeling in it alone

Your progress has been hard won, and you want support in overcoming roadblocks

You're on the verge of burnout, and can't wait for your company to get the budget for consulting

This one's for you.


We asked you what you wanted, and you told us—A DEI space that's accessible, approachable, and integrity-driven.
Panels with DEI experts
Be “in the room” with DEI experts from across all industries as they provide technical, practical, and personal advice and recommendations based on their expert knowledge to address your most pressing DEI issues.
Group Workshops
This is your chance to get an insider's look into our most popular workshops that have so far only been available to our consulting clients. Build your DEI skills, engage in personal development activities, and learn first-hand the best practices you can bring to your organization.
Weekly DEI roundtables
Our roundtables are a closed, intimate space where you can bring your whole self to grow as a DEI leader with our Lessons in Leadership sessions, tackle real-time DEI issues in our Collective Consults spaces, engage in body-conscious somatic practices in our Embodying DEI series, and share experiences in our affinity-based Collective Resource Groups.
Process tools and toolkits
Step into action with our tools and templates that topics like hiring + recruiting, onboarding + offboarding, performance assessment, growth + development, and so much more. Bonus: We’ve included self-care resources to help boost resiliency and sustainability because this work is hard.
Communication templates
Stuck on how to effectively communicate DEI-centric conversations and beyond? We got you covered with our personalized and constantly updated templates.
Articles + research studies
Stay in the know on all things DEI and DEI leadership with exclusive access to our most recent articles and Collective-led research studies. Have a topic you want to know more about? Let us know!
DEI coffee chats
We want to enable you to foster real, deep connections. Through our coffee chat feature, you can be matched with someone in your industry, level, etc, so you can stop feeling isolated and start creating partnerships that help you through your DEI leadership journey.
Topical and identity-based channels
Harness the power of community in one of our many chat channels. In these spaces you ask and offer help in topics such as enabling feedback, engagement and team recognition, supporting parents, LGBTQIA+ experiences, employee onboarding, DEI in tech, and so much more!


Our plans are designed to make DEI support accessible and flexible, no matter how big or small your company's budget.

Most Flexible

30-day FREE Trial through
January 31, 2023

Live workshops + events
Weekly DEI roundtables
Chat communities
1:1 coffee chats
Templates + tools
Articles + research

An estimated $1k/month value
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Founder's Circle

Everything in Best Value, plus...

Lifetime access
Six 1:1 advisory hours for your org
Two extra seats (within the same organization)

Limited to 50 members
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$4997 one-time fee

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Our Give Back Program

From our founding in 2017, Collective has been focused on making DEI work approachable, integrity-driven, and most importantly, accessible.

We're partnering with some of our favorite organizations to "reach back" and help less-resourced organizations embed DEI into their cultures and systems earlier on in their journey.

If your org is ready to help others push this work forward, select the "Buy one, give one" link at checkout and we'll donate a membership to an underresourced org on your behalf!

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